True Bearing Insights specializes in applying advanced data science to global freight and commodity markets.

Our Opportunity

Data overload and legacy methodologies have created inefficiencies in freight and commodity markets. TBI exploits this opportunity with a data-driven, advanced machine learning platform.

TBI delivers consistent and better outcomes through a science-driven, commercially-informed decision platform.

Deep Industry Expertise

TBI combines domain expertise across global freight and commodity markets, data science, and software development.

Data Science Driven

TBI applies a methodical data science approach

  • From univariate to deep reinforcement learning
  • Focuses on explainability and transparency with continuous online learning feedback loop.

Predictive values are extracted from diverse inputs (fundamental, geo-spatial, sentiment, momentum etc), and it is scalable across markets.

Targeted Markets Inefficiencies

TBI focuses on mid-term forecast horizons - between technical analyses and long-term econometric forecasts - in opaque, volatile, and inefficient markets.

Mid term forecast horizons are inherently complex, challenging, and volatile - especially with legacy (human-centric) analysis techniques - providing high value potential that TBI realizes through its platform.

An automated, scalable and robust infrastructure powers TBI's machine learning platform.

ML Platform Diagram


An automated, scalable and robust infrastructure powers TBI's machine learning platform.

Infrastructure coordinates parallel, sequential, and converging processes to provide consistent outputs.

Quality checks and detailed logs ensure transparency over end-to-end processes.

Leadership Team

Founded in 2016, TBI is a dynamic, growing company with HQ in Boston and strategic partners around the globe.

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    Joe Laurin


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    Sevdalena Lazarova

    Chief Data Scientist