Making Better Commercial Decisions with Data Science

At True Bearing Insights we combine our deep understanding of the shipping and commodity markets, with the latest skills and tools of data science and machine learning, to answer one question: Yours.

Why We Do It

Data overload and legacy methodologies have created inefficiencies in market forecasting and the decisions that are based on it.

True Bearing Insights harnesses advances in data access, compute power and machine-learning, to significantly improve decision-making in freight and commodity markets. Through a structured and modular approach to testing new ideas and assumptions, we deliver unique strategic insights. We bring together shipping and commodity experience with the skills of data scientists and software developers to focus on answering “the right question”- the one you need answered to support your specific trade decisions.

All else equal, those who harness these advances to improve decision making will have a distinct advantage compared to those who don’t.

We use machine learning and predictive analytics to improve trading decisions in shipping

Our Methods

Our platform follows a subtype of machine learning - “online learning” - which incorporates a feedback loop that adjusts and improves future forecasts based on continuous performance.

We engineer inputs from a broad range of commodity, macro-economic, industrial, currency, and geospatial fleet data.

We leverage the power of online learning and advanced predictive analytic techniques to improve near-term forecasts in the freight and commodity markets.

With insights gained through a robust and deliberate modelling approach, we identify unique pricing opportunities in freight and commodity markets.

Our Team

Paul Doetsch
Thomas Charbonnel
Joe Laurin
Chief Data Scientist
Sevdalena Lazarova
Head of Commercial
Andrew Shields
Head of R&D
Dr. David Oury


Professor, Mathematical Sciences Bentley University
Sam Woolford